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So I can’t seem to get a good floating 3 column css layout to work. The closest I’ve come is by using the Floatutorial at Listmania, but all I can come up with is this:

Perfect! Brilliant! Exactly what I wanted it to look like! It even looks like that in IE, too, which is a miracle. Except, when you scroll down…

…there is this nasty gap between the bottom of the first post and the rest of the posts. It’s just the first post, too. Doesn’t happen on any of the other posts:

So I think I’m gonna throw in the towel. I guess the template is workable now, but it doesn’t look right in IE and it’s not compatible across all browsers, so I’m gonna shelve it until I have more time to tweak it / whine on WordPress forums for people to help fix my code. Arrrgh. Of course it’s probably one line of bothersome code, too. It always is.

-edit: Ooh, this theme by Ulf Pettersson is very nice indeed. I think I’ll keep it until I go crazy and try to redesign my blog before midterms week again.

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  1. You know that your current template doesn’t look right in IE, right? This is why I use IE–to keep *you* on your toes, my dear.

  2. Well, it’s okay since I didn’t make this template. Take that up with the designer.

    If you’re talking about how the links and stuff are at the bottom, it’s supposed to be that way for some reason. That is really bothering me (a sidebar is supposed to go on the side, people!), so I am probably going to shuffle through a bunch of templates over the next few days. Instead of doing actual work, that is.

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