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Brain freeze

On Thursday, Eli and I finally get to go on our first vacation together in South Korea (which was pretty much our #1 reason for taking jobs here in the first place: easy access to going to other places in Asia). We’re off to the Philippines for twelve days; specifically, the islands of Coron and Palawan. I’m a bit broke after getting my eye surgery, and unfortunately we didn’t plan very well when we bought plane tickets – we’re leaving on payday, but very early in the morning! So I’m having to borrow some money from the Bank of Eli to tide me over until we return to the land of the Morning Calm*.

While Eli is packing and diligently researching the best tours, hikes and beaches to visit, I am…chopping onions:

I'm not crying. I've just been chopping onions, making a lasagna...for one.

Lemme ess-plain: I wanted to buy, like, two green onions so that I could garnish a soup. At my village mart, however, the smallest unit of green onions is “wagon-load.” They’re dirt cheap, and dirty. I guess one can trust that produce is truly organic, when opening the bag that contains the produce unleashes flies into your home. I knew that 1) there was no way I was going to consume this many onions within four days, and that 2) I would be severely pissed off throwing away a year’s supply of onions and then later having to pay the equivalent of a dollar to buy yet another wagon-load. So I got out the knife, cutting board and plastic bags and started chopping. After I was through with the onions, I remembered the other produce in the fridge.

By the time I’d loaded up the freezer with green onions, normal onions, chopped carrots and garlic chives…I realized that I am just a curly perm and a few self-loathing genius children away from becoming a bonafide Korean mom. Plea to strangers: if you spot me trying to buy one of those arm-sleeves off a sales-hobo on the subway, please intervene.

* – it’s calm in the morning…because everyone is still sleeping on account of being hammered from soju the night before!

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  1. Krissy Krissy

    Not having the children is the key part there on not being a crazy momma. Just think of all the yummyness you can make once you return from your travels! Good luck on your journeys.

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