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La Migra

Feeling kind of spoiled and regretful that I am whining so much about being a foreigner in the ROK. Especially considering that where I’m from, the situation is getting increasingly worse for immigrants trying to do more or less the same thing I am doing: making a life abroad. Across the country, families are being split apart and ejected out of the country, right back into the middle of drug war territory. Meanwhile, the very worst thing I can complain about is that people won’t talk to me at dinner, wah wah.

This American Life had a relatively recent episode about the chilling effect of immigration policies around the country. In general, I am still a strong backer of President Obama – and should I be back State-side during campaign season, I will be knocking on doors. One major disappointment has been the administration’s handling of immigration policies. More people have been deported in the first term of Obama’s administration, than in the entire eight years that Bush (43) was in office. It does appear to be a mix of state policies and federal incentives, but still, this was something pretty unexpected. I’m hoping to put the pressure on the President to ameliorate some of the worst effects of this during his second term.

The episode of This American Life is called Reap What You Sow.

My parents were immigrants, and they were lucky enough to be from a country where immigration to the U.S. was strongly encouraged for political reasons (thanks, commies!). I hope for the same opportunities for others, especially since Mexico (well, certain parts anyways) seem to be descending into nightmare territory. I’ll bear in mind the woman who pulled her son out of a good preschool where he’d been thriving, and the woman house-ridden with fear, the next time I start bitching and moaning about something trivial.

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