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What’s in a name?

Whatever you call it, it gets the job done.

Yesterday, the weather finally made up and begrudgingly admitted that it is supposed to be springtime. I quickly stitched together this thingy, pictured above, to hold my belongings so that I could go for a nice long run. I cut off and stitched up an old pant leg from a pair of corduroys. I looped a cute belt around it, but sewed it in such a way that I can still use the belt sans pouch. Finished it off with iron-on velcro – how did I never use this stuff before coming to Korea? Amazing.

“Fanny pack” is such a terrible name. Who says “fanny” any more in the U.S.? The only place where they say “fanny” with any regularity is over in the U.K., and it refers to another anatomical part. A part that is nice and all, but one in which I don’t necessarily want to be stuffing my keys.*

Other alternatives: my friend and her friends call it a “chaos pouch,” which sounds cool but doesn’t quite work for my purposes. (My real chaos pouch is my purse, which contains everything I have ever owned or looked at in my life). Maybe “belt bag”? “Butt banger,” because of how it swings when I’m jogging? (stupid giant clunker phone).

At some point I think I’ll put a bird on it, Portlandia style:

* not that I’d be wanting to stuff my keys up my tailpipe, either. Let’s just reiterate – “fanny pack” is a terrible name for a thing.

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  1. Krissy Krissy

    I do like Chaos pouch and that fits my purse description too, with tools, electronics, books, pens, and sometimes luckily enough money is in there too. I also picture a crazy kangaroo when I say chaos pouch and I like that.

  2. ^and sometimes *knives*, lest ye forget ;)

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