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In Defense of Marriage

Been busy as a recently “funemployed” person, watching endless games and commentary about the NCAA tournament. (Rock chalk Jayhawk! Go KU!) Will return to India postings in between rounds, I promise. Today, the Supreme Court will begin to hear arguments both for and against state and federal level gay marriage bans. This marks a big […]

Electoral afterbirth

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Please Vote for Me: Korean Middle School edition

Meanwhile, last Friday my students had their own elections for next year’s school president and vice-president. Last year, there wasn’t much of a vote because only one candidate was in the running. This year, there was a much bigger to-do, as there were three tickets. Number one consisted of a pair of boys: one boy, […]

Electioneering, part 1

Today, Koreans go out to the polls to vote in the national presidential election. Today is also a public holiday; hence, my staying at home to blog instead of packing up or disposing of all the crap I have accumulated during my stay here (by the way I am leaving Korea next week. 아이고!) The […]